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Spaceboard - A Review

Updated: Mar 8

Custom built keyboards aren't new on the keyboard scene. As custom mechanical keyboards continue to explode in popularity, ever more accessible options are making their way to the market. What if there was a highly-customizable, premium custom keyboard that you didn’t need to wait six months to a year for and that wouldn’t leave you cringing at the remnants of your bank account?

Well, enter Spaceboard (@spa_ceboard on Instagram). They're an up and coming startup which makes custom mechanical keyboards. Unlike keyboards you buy off the shelf from stores, they do not have an in-stock purchase. Components are shipped in waves and your customized order is prepared as they arrive, so you’ll be left waiting just a few weeks for delivery. If you aren't in an urgent need for a keyboard and don’t mind the delay, their builds are great for new and veteran keyboard enthusiasts alike.

Configuring your keyboard

How Spaceboard works is firstly, you fill up their online form here to get a rough quotation for your keyboard! They will contact you shortly after to get to know more about all your keyboard needs.

After filling in your contact details, the form requires you to select which type of keyboard you prefer. If you're not sure about the sizes, we've come up with an article previously! Read all about it here.

You're then asked to select your preferred switch type or brands, which come in either linear, tactile, or clicky. You might be familiar with red or black switches, that provide a buttery smooth and stable feel while making a deep thud sound upon actuation. This article provides a good insight into linear switches.

As for tactile switches, brown switches are the most common option. They give you a little bump on actuation and to us writers, they're the best to type with. Check out this article for an in depth review of tactile switches.

Lastly, the ever-popular clicky switches. While pleasing to the ear during typing, it may not be as silent as you need it to be if you are using your keyboard either at night when everyone in the house is asleep, or if you're using it in an office where your co-workers might be bothered with the sound. If none of these are your concerns, we'd recommend going ahead with one. Only if you love those clicks that is. Here is a great article detailing blue and white clicky switches.

Modifications that you can make to your keyboard include foam to reduce the sound made upon activation, lubed switches play a part in silencing the switch as well as making the travel to actuation much smoother. Switch films are small pieces of plastic that go in between the top and bottom housing of a mechanical keyboard switch to reduce switch wobble. Lastly, stabilisers (often called 'stabs') are keyboard parts that prevent larger keys from wobbling when pressed and help bind the keycap to the switch. They sit next to the keyboard switch to stabilize the keycap when you press it.

The wired option comes with a USB-A to USB-C connector, while the wireless option uses Bluetooth 6 instead.

Having both Macintosh and Windows options means you can switch the keyboard to be compatible with a Windows PC as well as a Mac.

With regards to keycap profiles, they can be very confusing. This article explains it best!

Reviewing Spaceboard's Custom Keyboard

The folks over at Spaceboard were kind enough to send us a sample for review. This particular keyboard has the following add-ons:

  • Tenkeyless

  • Tactile Cherry MX Brown Switches

  • ALL the add-on modifications

  • Wired + Wireless configuration

  • Mac and Windows compatible

  • RGB Backlighting

  • Cherry Keycap Profiles

The box was neatly and simply designed to only focus on the product itself: the keyboard. Our first thought? What a beauty. Impressive build quality. Such attention to detail. They've nailed this build through and through. Under the keyboard was a set of instructions in English and Chinese, a keycap remover, and a USB cable to use for a wired connection between the PC and the keyboard.

Once you attach the keyboard to the PC, you're good to go! The backlight can change manually to any colour, or to an array of different colours at different speeds. The light could be brighter, as in normal room lighting the backlight is not so visibly seen. It could probably be due to the keys being opaque, and hence the backlight could only be seen between the keys themselves.

It's fluid to type with due to the Cherry Browns, and the tactile bump makes it feel so satisfying (to us writers of course). We noted the excellent key responses and a decent spread of keys. The keyboard felt light and if the user felt uncomfortable, he or she can move the keyboard around and not feel like a hassle.

It charges fully in about two hours, and wireless connectivity stays stable up to 3 metres.

The lubing and foam make the keyboard a little more silent than normal, which means you're free to stay up late and type or game away without the fear of waking somebody up, or have a great typing experience every day at work without the dismay of your co-workers.

Here's a bonus video of some satisfying ASMR typing!

Overall, the keyboard is satisfying to use. Besides its price point, the keyboard provides good features and you will not regret buying this for yourself. Check out our other articles here.

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