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Blackdot Technologies: An Introduction & Review of the Pro Earbuds

Blackdot Technologies is a newly established company focusing on innovating in affordable technology. Blackdot has been rapidly expanding with its brilliantly made earbuds, speakers and wearables. Our previous articles discussed the latest technologies and companies that either succeeded or failed in their ambition to change the world. Read on to gain an exclusive insight into Blackdot.

A Short History of Blackdot

Blackdot started not too long ago, in the middle of 2019 by two engineers with a singular focus: building reliable and affordable audio tech. While it may sound easy, technology can sometimes be challenging to develop with an appropriate price.

“One of us was interested in e-commerce, while I was interested in innovating, so why not try combining and try something new?” Prajin, co-founder of Blackdot

It was not long after that they decided to experiment on making earbuds.

The founders chose to focus on earbuds as it was a highly competitive market, but with limited choices of price. One could only choose between a no-frills earbuds with “plug-and-play” functionality, or something more higher end like the AirPods Pro, with active noise cancelling technology. As a result, they focused on creating a product that fit in the middle, with an affordable price point for consumers.

The founders tested earbuds of different production qualities and of different functionalities, with varying results. They focused on two ideas: functionality and price. They believed that consumers look to these two first before buying any product.

Blackdot’s First Product: Wireless Earbuds

After months of product testing, Prajin and his team decided on one set of earbuds that was both functional and affordable. The first wireless earbuds had good battery strength, the case was light and it was durable. Blackdot entered the market by selling their products via Carousell and Facebook whilst tweaking the earbuds to make it better.

As soon as they realised that customers were coming back to them for more quantities of earbuds, Blackdot shifted it’s platform to Shopee and Lazada to increase their turnover rate. Having these online shopping websites handle payments and deliveries helps them cut down on unnecessary time spent negotiating and delivering it themselves. The founders could then focus on building a better product, and ample breathing room to ramp up production.

Expanding to Greater Heights

Blackdot was able to adapt to the changing demands of the online shopping market. As with most companies, COVID-19 proved to be the biggest challenge in 2020. Delays in shipping and logistics led to the team challenging themselves to deliver on their promises to clients. More shipments at shorter periods forced them to work harder to get their workflow right. Eventually, due to their hard work and tenacity, Blackdot was rated as one of the top 5 most popular brands in Singapore by Shopee.

In 2021, Blackdot will be moving their office to a bigger location, with more space to develop and ship out their products. They will be employing more people to help their start-up grow, and new products will be released! It shows that with a simple idea, any company can grow to heights no one can predict.

The earbud market always grows competitively, as manufacturers continue to find develop lighter, smaller and smarter earbuds. It is a tough market, but Blackdot has grown comfortable in this area. As long as they continue to innovate, the brand will continue to succeed.

Without further ado, let’s review their Blackdot Pro Wireless Earbuds! The team at Blackdot Technologies has kindly sent us a sample of the highest-selling product in their store – the Blackdot Pro Wireless Earbuds.

Blackdot Wireless Earbuds

Product Introduction

The Blackdot Pro Wireless Earbuds were made to provide quality sound in an affordable package. These earbuds are one of the best selling earbuds on Shopee with excellent customer reviews. It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and has a modified Realtek audio chip for increased sound quality in a smaller package. If you’d like to find out more about Bluetooth versions, check out this article.

These earbuds can last up to 55 hours (Music & Talktime) total, without recharging the charging case. You can make phone calls with the earbuds, with customisable buttons to answer or reject calls, or to increase volume. Furthermore, they have an IPX6 waterproof rating, which makes it the perfect companion for running and swimming.

Unboxing & First Impressions

Enclosed in a small simple box, the retail package is unassuming and almost Apple-like, with only the most essential and important features indicated on the front of the package, alongside the logo. You do get the various regulatory indicators as well as some technical specifications on the side. As you open the box, you are greeted with a thank-you note from the Blackdot team. After taking the manual out, you are greeted with the palm-sized, stunning Blackdot earbuds charging case.

Inside the box, you will get the earbuds inside the charging case, a small USB charging cable, ear tips of various sizes, and the user manual.

The Blackdot case itself is simple and elegant, with a matte-black premium finish. Better yet, it doesn’t feel plasticky, unlike its main competitors. On the front, there are 4 indicator lights to show the case battery levels, while the back of the case contains the USB-C port to charge the case.

You open the case to see two snugly-fit earbuds with their individual buttons facing outwards. I found it relatively easy to remove and place the earbuds back into the case, thanks to small magnets in the case. The magnets were not strong enough to damage the earbuds but were good enough to keep the earbuds secure.

As you remove the earbuds, an LED light situated in front of the button blinks in green to show that it is ready to pair. Once pairing to your own phone, the light will blink in red and blue simultaneously.

Vital stats

Music listening time: 7 – 8 hours Talktime: 8 – 9 hours Warranty: 1 month

Comfort & Usage

The Blackdot Pro Wireless Earbuds are very comfortable and portable. The pairing process was simple and fuss-free, with my phone recognizing it instantaneously, showing up as ‘Blackdot’ in my Bluetooth list of available devices.

The medium silicone earbud tips fit perfectly in my ear, and there are extra different sizes provided in the box to ensure a better fit for different ear canal sizes. It’s good to try out each tip first before wearing it for long-term use.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an app that can help you with the pairing and usage of the Blackdot earbuds. However, the manual provided is useful to maximize the earbuds features. You don’t need to fiddle much with the earbud multi-function buttons when it comes to answering calls or playing/pausing music, but I felt that it required more effort than I thought was needed to in order to press the button.

Its seal provides a better noise cancellation than most other wireless earbuds around its price point, but the noise cancellation is still not on par with Apple’s Airpods Pro. I mean, for a $379 wireless earbud you’d surely expect only top-notch technology, no? Regardless, for the Blackdot earbuds, it’s the best you’re going to get for its price range.


Having had these earbuds for two weeks at the time of writing, I can say that these tiny earbuds pack a lot of punch for their size. Having fitted nicely into my ears, I was able to do daily tasks without worrying about the earbuds falling. It’s nicely weighted, with a design sleek enough to not look oddly placed when wearing them.

While I can’t promote myself as an audiophile, I did enjoy the earbud’s decent audio quality, providing a decent separation of highs and lows and great bass. It didn’t feel like a hassle to bring the earbuds wherever I went and was able to keep the earbuds in my ear for a long time. It can get a little shrill on the highs, but that can be fixed with a little equaliser tweaking. Personally, I just activate the Bass Boost preset on Spotify!

Pricing & Final Thoughts

Priced at $39.99 (as of the time of publication), it’s an affordable price point for first-time buyers of wireless earbuds. Originally, they’re priced at $124.99 on Shopee.

Overall, I enjoyed using Blackdot earbuds. With an astonishingly low price point, the earbuds felt premium and I was able to listen to my daily songs comfortably without needing to do major adjustments myself. If you are planning to head into the wireless earbuds market, this is probably the best product you can buy without breaking the bank.

You can check them out on the following sites as well: Facebook | Instagram | Qoo.10 | Shopee | Lazada

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